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    National Fire Protection Association Diamond Labels are designed for easy identification of chemical hazards by firefighters and emergency responders who are concerned with burning, spilled or exploding materials. These safety labels meet the NFPA 704 standard and are printed with numerical ratings for health hazards, fire hazards, instability and specific hazards associated with a chemical under emergency fire or spill conditions. These labels display the NFPA diamond graphic with spaces for you to fill in NFPA hazard warning information that might be associated with a chemical during a fire emergency. The 15 x 15-in. labels are printed on pressure-sensitive, weather-resistant vinyl and are sold individually.

    Tagboard Placards

    Non-adhesive, polycoated 18pt. tagboard placards are made for use with placard holders. Durable yet economical, these placards offer exceptional resistance to buckling and blowouts in all weather conditions. These are a short term use placard. Sold in packs of 50.

    Rigid Vinyl Placards

    Non-adhesive, 30-mil rigid vinyl Worded placards are perfect for repeated usage in placard holders and when the placard will be used for multiple trips and in harsh weather conditions. Sold individually.

    Permanent Placards

    Permanent 4mil vinyl placards are backed with a high-tactile adhesive that makes these placards ideal for permanent applications or dedicated equipment. These Placards pass IMO's 90-day sea water immersion test (IMDG Sold individually.

    Removable Placards

    Removable 4mil vinyl placards are ideal for limited time shipping needs. These highly durable, placards can be removed with little or no residue. Sold in packs of 50.

    Ex Vinyl Placards

    EX Vinyl 4mil placards are backed with an aggressive adhesive that makes these placards ideal for use on porous surfaces including but not limited to poly drums and cardboard containers. These are a short term use placard with permanent adhesive.